Why Buy a Frank Batson Home?

Because of are our high quality standards!

Designer Grade 4 Sided Brick

  • Throughout our 40 year history, FBH has stayed consistent in building 4-sided brick homes.
  • Brick has stood the test of time in both and sustainability.
  • Brick is low maintenance, as it never needs painting, never rots, will not be eaten by termites, and will never dent or tear.
  • Brick follows Green Building Design, by using natural materials free of volatile organic compounds, which results in better occupant health, comfort and well being.
  • Brick is Energy Efficient because its properties play a key role in passive solar design, taking advantage of the sun’s energy for heating, cooling and illuminating spaces.

Energy Count

  • FBH is pleased that the home you choose to build with us can provide you the optimal energy efficiency, through the analyzing, planning, designing, inspecting, testing, reporting, and certifying process of Energy Count.
  • Energy Count is locally owned and operated, with 40 years of experience in new home construction and energy efficient design. This experience is greater than any company in the Nashville industry.
  • For many years, we have used Energy Count for the mechanical design of each new home, which provides the optimal energy efficiency a home can offer.
  • Frank Batson Homes acquires energy efficiency Certification on each home. Homes achieve this certification through a combination of design, quality control inspections to check the construction technique, and on-site diagnostic testing to warrant that the home has been built according to Energy Count.
  • Energy Count’s inspections specifically check that the insulation has been properly installed, that openings are properly caulked and sealed, that the roof and soffit are properly ventilated, and that the heating and cooling system are installed according to the specific design for the home.

Roofs with a Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Performance
  • A Beautiful Look
  • Great Value
  • Class A fire safety rating
  • Peace of mind


  • For many years, realtors and homeowners have used "Batson built" as a notable quality in marketing FBH homes for resale.
  • When the time comes that your home needs change, whether for location or lifestyle, you want to be confident that your investment has held value.
  • Many homeowners believe in our company for quality construction, integrity, performance and excellent customer service.
  • Many homeowners find peace of mind in knowing that the builder of their home is still locally owned and operated today.
  • Many homeowners have taken advantage of the "resale-ability" of their Frank Batson home, and then come back to us for their 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th Frank Batson home.


  • Frank Batson personally walks through each home multiple times, including a final walk-through with the new homeowner to inspect the finished product and to present the warranty package that accompanies each new home.
  • We offer a 1 year warranty on each product and the workmanship of the home.
  • We deliver all manufacturers’ warranties on the new products used throughout the home.
  • Upon the 1 year anniversary of our new homes, our customer service representatives complete a year end walk-through and punch list with each homeowner.
  • Following the year end process, our customer service goes above and beyond to help coordinate and assist our original homeowners in maintaining and updating their home.
  • We purchase and provide a home warranty from 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty, an independent warranty company, on each new home we build. This reputable company has new construction performance standards to which we must adhere in order to enroll the homes; it offers a 2 year systems warranty on the plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems; it also provides a 10 year structural warranty on the construction of the home.
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Complete Customer Care

  • Frank Batson Homes goes above and beyond to assist you with your building needs.
  • We understand and are willing to incorporate your desired home features.
  • We will assist you in maintaining and updating your home, long after your home has been completed.
  • Our customer care means fewer hassles for you.

Customized for You

When you purchase a home under construction or to be constructed by Frank Batson Homes, you will have the opportunity to meet with our decorator of 30 years, Judy Batson, to make the color and product selections on your home. You know what your wants and needs are in a home.

The standards with which your home is built today, will affect the value and performance that it will offer you tomorrow.